Beau Murphy

Beau Murphy


From the first session with Zealous training, I have realized the importance of working with knowledgeable trainers that practices what they preaches. I consider myself an athletic guy and I spend on average 1 sometimes 2 hours at the gym. During my customized workouts with Zealous trainers I’m seriously amazed that with minutes I’m feeling the exhaustion and burn let alone all 30 minutes of the workout. Mike frustratingly humbles me to I realize I am not as fit as I would like to assume I am with his customized combination of seemingly simple exercises (Some are extremely difficult) he puts together for me and creates a full body work out focused on muscle functionality and strengthening. He keeps your core and heart rate engaged throughout, toning, ripping, building, slimming or flattening your body and pushing your mind and body to its brink as he continues to layer the workouts and muscle groups together. He designs diet plans for your success and his specific workouts allow muscles no room to develop a familiarity, constant muscle confusion. Which in turn produces results.

Michael truly has a heart of gold and cares for the clients he works with. He is engaged in your session focused on you, your form and your safety as he motivates you to strive for greatness in yourself. Mike loves what he does. Training is in his blood. It’s his life’s calling and he enjoys training all ages from youth to adults. His knowledge of the body is a huge factor as he changes his workouts to heighten the Athlete’s overall skills. My twin boys will be trained by Mike. Count on it. I highly, highly recommend taking time to work with Mike! He is topnotch with years of experience and education. He will mold you into the specimen you desire from yourself. Your job is to show up and follow his instructions during the session and throughout the weeks and months, years even. Mike has been and always will be my recommended trainer for all.


– Beau Murphy

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